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JJ Hardy, founder of Victory Leadership Coaching, empowers leaders to reach their full potential. With 18 years of experience in the US Army and a background in transportation logistics, JJ brings practical expertise to his coaching practice. His mission: "I found a gap in the civilian workforce: people promote their high performers to a management position and then provide little guidance and no training on how to manage, lead, or create influence with their team." Victory Leadership Coaching offers tailored coaching programs, strategic planning, and actionable insights to foster growth and enhance leadership skills. Through personalized sessions and interactive workshops, JJ ensures leaders have the tools needed to thrive. Join Victory Leadership Coaching to unlock your leadership potential and achieve professional success.


I found that people promote their high performers without providing them with the skills needed to lead teams. This leads to uninformed leaders that are learning on-the-go. My Mission is to bridge that gap and help individuals and companies with their leadership development using my hybrid training and coaching model.


My vision is to build a global company that embodies the core values and leadership principles that I learned during my career in the military. I have already seen the positive impact it can make on a, I want to impact the masses!


Hybrid Leadership Training and Coaching

You can enroll in my online self-paced leadership education or participate in a customized virtual program for your organization.

Topics include:

-First Time Leadership


-Effective Communication


Leadership Operations Optimization

Do you feel like you are making all of the decisions on your team or in your business?

-Are you struggling to keep up with employee number increases?

-Do your employees tell you that they feel like you do not trust them?

-Do you feel like you are doing everyone else's job?

This program is for you! Stop banging your head against the wall and book a call with me! I can help you figure this out!

1-on-1 Coaching

What are you struggling with now? Here are some common things I help people and organizations with...

-Skills for promotion to management

-Taking action on a big goal

-Imposter Syndrome (Not feeling like you are good enough)

-High Employee Turnover at your company

-Tackling Major Life Events


If one of these hit home with you, click the link below to book a call with me!!

Book Me For A Workshop!!

I teach a whole bunch of workshops. They can range from a couple of hours to a whole weekend!

Here are just a few of the subjects I teach:

-Developing Emotional Intelligence

-Goals Setting


-Supervising Others

-Building Trust and Resilience

-Team Building


Book Me For Your Next Speaking Engagement

I grew up in an abusive environment with a family who suffered in poverty. One of my keynote speaches is designed to spread the word on what it takes to be successful! This keynote is titled: Anyone Can Become Successful!

I have served in leadership positions in the military and civilian workforce since 2007. This has given me an acute understand on what it takes to lead and develop teams. My second keynote is called: Leadership Solves all Problems!


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Victory Leaders Lounge Podcast

Enjoy interviews with business leaders, entreprenuers, and military veterans.

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Warrior LDRSHIP Podcast

This podcast focuses on bridging the concepts of leadership coaching and therapy.

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Why Organizations Should Develop Their Leaders: Pocket Guide




Taking part in the Victory leadership development courses were a real eye-opener for our managers. It offered invaluable insights into effective leadership practices, strategic decision-making, and fostering teamwork. The online sessions and engaging discussions helped our leaders to gain the tools and mindset needed to navigate today's dynamic business landscape. We've cultivated a culture of excellence and innovation by prioritizing the growth and development of our leaders. I would personally recommend that anyone facing leadership challenges or even just wanting to invest in the growth and development of their leadership team to not hesitate to get started with Jeremiah!

Ryan Cobern


JJ's attention to detail is readily apparent! His leadership program has been crafted with both careful thought and insights galore!

From a perspective his company envies, he's not afraid of trampling the weeds and getting to the results needed by today's leaders. If you are interested in the fine details (and you should be) give JJ the chance to escalate and hone your leadership drive and end results.

Michael Mulherin


What makes Victory Leadership Coaching different from other consulting firms?

Victory Leadership Coaching is a small business that treats each client as if they are partners. It is almost personal because this work means so much to us.

How long does it typically take to see results from your consultancy services?

The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on the specific nature of your project and goals. While some improvements may be evident in the short term, sustainable and significant transformations often take a bit longer. Success is determined by the amount of effort put in by each management and executive team.

What industries do you specialize in, and can you help businesses of all sizes?

We have expertise across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, military, government, law enforcement, EMS, and more. Generally speaking, leadership is a concept that can be used in any industry. It involves helping people understand the value of effective communication, trust, delegation, adaptation, etc.